Company Background

Archer Jordan is a national prevailing wage consultancy/employee benefits agency, General Insurance Agency, GA, Third Party Administrator, and a Technology company, providing brokerage, custom insurance products, financial services, and precision-built technology solutions. The Archer Jordan team helps clients transform risk into opportunity by designing and delivering solutions that manage risk, optimize benefits, cultivate talent, and expand the dynamic of human capital, to protect and strengthen both companies and their employees.  

Project Overview

As a part of Archer Jordan's mission, they needed to have a platform that was reliable, secure and could automate the day to day business recording functions flawlessly with minimal intervention from the team.  Allowing the team to focus on other business requirements that make Archer Jordan's services outperform their national competitors. To that end, we were engaged to help overcome the high technical challenges and technical debt that needed to be resolved in order to launch a new Drupal 8 based site that secured Employee / Employer information as well as was able to communicate to the various required entities in order to perform day to day operations needed to ensure that client's employees received the benefits they deserved and were required to have by law.
Challenges Icon Top Challenges
1 Tight project deadline and lack of additional budget
2 Overcoming technical debt left over from previous team
3 Needed to be able to reduce the amount of effort needed to keep employee records up to date
4 Needed to be able to demo the platform to potential clients without disrupting day to day operations
Challenges Icon Top Solutions
1 Created a timeline and execution plan for developing the new platform on Drupal 8.
2 Implemented Agile development practices and Automated QA testing
3 Created integrations for all third-party vendors and the ability to easily add new vendors
4 Created a integrated CRM and demo platform that allows demonstration of the system to potential clients
5 Decoupled Angular applications to increase load time and use of Drupal 8's Rest API

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