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Whether you're planning the launch of a new publishing platform, weighing the potential of a new technology, or wrestling with the complexity of a legacy migration, the right start matters.


A Little About Us

Wembassy was founded in 2003 by Chris McIntosh with the initial goal of helping small businesses and entrepreneurs gain a voice online with Drupal. More than a decade later, we've accomplished that and so much more. Below is the fuller story of our history.

Wembassy started off as my dream to get out of working in factories, driving semi trucks, and a passion for technology and the Internet. Being a kid of the 80s and 90s helped me quickly adapt to new technology. I gravitated towards Drupal while working in my first development position in Evansville, IN.

Since then I have been all over the US and now the world, working in great cities like Chicago, Philidelphia, New York, and Manilla. I now am helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and recent college grads get connected in order to build amazing online experiences.

Our team leverages the many great open source projects to help clients get a voice that they would not otherwise have, allowing them to do amazing things that allow them to build a strong customer base and achieve their personal and professional dreams. If you have a passion, no matter how different or niche it may seem we want to hear it.


These are the people behind all the magic.
Christopher McIntosh
CEO / Lead Solutions Architect

Chris McIntosh is Wembassy's CEO and leads project planning and architecture for all clients.  Chris has been involved with Drupal development and web development for over 12 years.  Chris has participated in many Drupal camps and Drupal cons over the years, and trained interns to be successful Drupal pros.  Chris has contributed several modules including Hosting Plus which allowed Aegir sites to be sold using Ubercart all the way back in Drupal 6.  

Mitzi Tizon
Front End Developer

Some of our Clients

While we have many clients, below are some of the clients you may be familiar with that we help on a day to day basis to bring amazing web solutions to clients.

Services We Offer

While our staff has a high level of experience with dealing with all sorts of PHP and javascript based systems, below are some of our premium services that clients keep coming back to us for reliable results.
Premium Drupal Modules

Wembassy builds premium modules and extends contributed modules.

Premium Drupal Themes

Wembassy creates branded themes for your Drupal websites.

Contributed Modules

10+ contributed modules

Let Us Build You An Amazing, Fast New Site That Can Keep Up With The Speed Of Your Ideas and Your Business


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