Five Best Drupal Security Modules For Your Website

Without question, one of the most important concern for any website is security. While Drupal raises its own flag on being the most secure CMS out there, nothing is still perfect and same goes for this platform.

Luckily, there are modules available for Drupal. Which one can use to enhance their Drupal site even more.

In this blog, We will tell you about the best Drupal security modules and why they are a must for your website. You can also contact us to acquire these security services for your website.

1. Login Security

Login Security module is perfect for starting this list. Here is why.  As the login page is the gateway to a site, it is also the most vulnerable page. As the name implies, this module enables a host of options for Drupal site’s login page.

These include:

  • Limiting the number of invalid login attempts before blocking an account.
  • Ability to block logins from specific IP addresses.
  • Notifying about invalid attempts or too many attempts through email.
  • This module is available from Drupal 7 onwards.

2. Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is a popular form of security measure that is now employed by almost every major website including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Google.  This method involves a user’s mobile phone in the login process. When a user logs into a website, a code is sent via SMS directly to the user’s phone, which is required for logging into the site.  This Drupal security module is available for Drupal 8 as an alpha release and stable for versions below it.

The TFA module allows you to integrate also with other forms of 2FA or create your own.  This a really flexible module that come in handy for those who are looking to ensure that the users are who they say they are.  It is one of the most requested features for sites that deal with financial or personally sensitive information.

3. Google Oauth Login

This module allows is a great feature to add for intranets that are looking to have a deep connection with the features that Google's Suites products can provide while sites that are looking for more than just Google support would be better off using something like the Oauth2 module the GoogleOauth module does a great job for getting a specific integration setup for a Drupal site and a Domain's account in Google suites.

4. Security Review
This Drupal security module is kind of like an all-in-one kit for your Drupal site. It maintains a list of security checks and analyzes your website against them. When a security measure is missing or out of place, it notifies you and also recommends the best course of action for correcting it.

A Stable version of the module is available for Drupal 7, while a beta version is available for Drupal 8.  It is more of a piece of mind module that allows you to quickly look over some of the things that could impace the saftey of your user's data or your site's security.  It is not a one-stop all list of security items, but its a good start.

security review

5. ReCaptcha

The Internet is filled with spammers and spambots. To push them off your website, the reCaptcha module is a feasible option.  This has become more important as services like Mollum have gone offline.  With a module being available for Drupal, it becomes incredibly easy to implement captcha on your Drupal site and doesn’t really leave any reason at all to not to use it. Recently becoming available for both Drupal 8 and Drupal 7, this is another great way to protect your site from fake user registrations or posts.


Bonus Modules:


Probably my personal favorite in this list is the honeypot module, the reason for this is the fact that it keeps out spam bots and at the same time does not really impose any new interference on the Users who are using the site.  This is great news for folks who are looking to keep a minimal process when it comes to users registering or logging into and using a Drupal site.  


While not specifically a module, and more of an API you can use Encrypt and its many partner modules to encrypt sensitive information for your website.  This is extremely important for anything that may be Hippa related or require enhanced data security.


These were our top picks for anyone looking to ramp up their Drupal site’s security. Please note that we have provided only the top-rated Drupal security modules in each field. But, there are a bunch of other Drupal security measures and modules available for those who want to add additional security layers to their website. Want to level up your website's security?   If you are not sure or overwhelmed with all of the options for securing our site, then feel free to reach out and have one of our Drupal security experts help you plan out a strategy to keep your site, users, and data safe from hackers and bots.

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